Q:       Can I add an Automatic Transmission?

A:      YES – we can give you a customized quote for an Automatic GT. NOTE: Due to VIN specific discounts and regional rebates, there is no simple formula to just add the cost of the Auto.


Q:       How much would it be for the digital dashboard?

A:      The digital dashboard is only available in the 401a package, which is $2200 higher that the Premium GT itself. NOTE: Due to VIN specific discounts and regional rebates, there is no simple formula to just add the cost of the Digital Dashboard.


Q:       How much is it to add the 4×4 to the truck?

A:      4×4 in any truck typically adds about $3500, however from the factory most trucks are optioned with some added equipment which means we’ll need to find a specific truck to customize your quote.


Q:       Can I finance through my own Credit Union?

A:      By all means, you can bring your own financing, but sometimes it makes it easier to do everything in house, so if we can meet or beat your rate – we’d hope you’d let us do so and save you some time and money. NOTE: Many credit unions and banks don’t allow for the kind of add-ons we do, and may not be competitive with our financing companies who allow a higher loan to value (LTV).


Q:       What modifications can I add to help make the vehicle last longer?

A:      Billet Oil Pump Gear and Crank Sprocket are encouraged in both Mustang and F-150 models due to vibration and heat concerns. Racing halfshafts are also encouraged in the Mustangs.




Q:       How fast can I get my Supercharged vehicle?

A:      Most of our builds are about a month out. While the builds themselves may only take a week or two, we typically have 10-20 builds in process. The faster we get the paperwork done, the faster we find you an available lift to put it on and get the work begun.


Q:       How much is shipping?

A:      Once you have your build ready and given it to a Product Specialist, he can get a quote for shipping to your Zipcode.


Q:       What’s included in the $42,495 Mustang package?

A:      The $42,495 package consists of a 2020 300a GT with the manual transmission and your choice of ROUSH, Whipple, Procharger, and Vortech power system. Additional options on the base GT, an Automatic, or a Premium trim will all be customized builds and are additional to the promo price


Q:       Can I upgrade to a Stage 2 Whipple instead of a Stage 1?

A:      YES! We can give you a customized quote for a Stage 2 Whipple.


Q:       Are your horsepower numbers “Wheel” horsepower?

A:      We advertise “Crank” horsepower, as those numbers come directly from the respective manufacturers of the equipment we put on the vehicles. NOTE: Wheel horsepower can vary by heat, dyno type, transmission and there’s obvious parasitic loss from a variety of those factors.


Q:       How much does the Mustang GT weigh?

A:      The GT can weigh between 3532 and 3852 depending on the options.


Q:       Why doesn’t my customized quote match up to the internet price on your site?

A:      Rebates and taxes are subject to where you title your vehicle. Our internet pricing is localized to Ford’s Cincinnati Sales Region.


Q:       Do you have the vehicles already upgraded, so I can come and drive one?

A:      All our vehicles, other than Serialized ROUSH, RTR or Shelby Mustangs and F-150’s are upgraded post-title, meaning we don’t put a wrench to a bolt until you own the vehicle.


Q:      Can I add Sync3 to a 300a mustang and how does it change the price of the supercharger?

A:      To add sync 3 to a 300a you move to a 301a trim level. 


Q:      Can I run 10’s on the drag strip (Mustang and Truck)?

A:      Absolutely you can, However we do not state that these vehicles are turn-key, 10 second models. To take our $42,495 Mustang and $39,995 F-150 promotional vehicles and make a 10 sec pass, there are a series of drag-specific parts we can add to the car to make it happen including: Suspension, wheels/tires, custom tuning for more power, etc.


Q:      Why is  there a difference in horsepower between the three twin screws Roush, Whipple and Edelbrock.

A:      The difference comes from two areas; design and tuning. The design relating to cooling and overall volume of the blower makes all the difference in the world. The tuning is also going to play a factor as each company will vary their aggression to compliment their kit.


Q:      What’s the advantage of 4WD vs 2WD when supercharging a truck?

A:      4WD will offer more control and versatility on the road or track where as 2WD can pose its own challenges to someone who plans to drive the truck and a variety of climates.


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